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Project Selection Process

The project milestones are set annually by the team under the stewardship of the NIH programmatic staff and with the guidance of the project's Scientific Steering Group

We have adopted the following general criteria for selecting and accepting new projects to be included in the Resource.

  1. Open Precursor Projects

    At least one open-source DataJoint-based precursor project must exist for any new experiment modality to be accepted for support as part of the Resource. The precursor project team must be open to interviews to describe in detail their process for the experiment workflow, tools, and interfaces.

    The precursor projects must provide sample data for testing during development and for tutorials. The precursor projects will be acknowledged in the development of the component.

    Rationale: This Resource does not aim to develop fundamentally new solutions for neurophysiology data acquisition and analysis. Rather it seeks to systematize and disseminate existing open-source tools proven in leading research projects.

  2. Impact

    New components proposed for support in the project must be shown to be in demand by a substantial population or research groups, on the order of 100+ labs globally.

  3. Sustainability

    For all third-party tools or resources included in the proposed component, their long-term maintenance roadmap must be established. When possible, we will contact the developer team and work with them to establish a sustainability roadmap. If no such roadmap can be established, alternative tools and resources must be identified as replacement.